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Little About [RUSSET]


Who are we?

RUSSET™, a name of trust as a manufacturing unit in India that designs and crafts designer items, copper products, and much more with the full of dedication and passion.


When a thought came

During the pandemic when every country was fighting with the coronavirus and losing their people just because of low immunity and heavy infection. A thought came to our mind to boost immunity naturally. Then we decided to make copper utensils.

top quality assurance

This is what we deliver to our customers.

We assured you to offer the highest quality copper, brass products.

Design that tells the story

Our designers work hard every day to make beautiful items for you.

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We have a team of skilled Meenakari experts who knows well to give a beautiful look to the dark-colored copper.


Who cares about the money in front of customers' satisfaction and providing genuine items? We focus on quality to make you happy.

User friendly policies


Being a copper utensils manufacturer we know well that copper has the property that makes it darker over time.

 Don't worry, because we have a perfect solution for this problem.

Therefore, we offer you Meena designer copper products so that you will not face the hassle of cleaning and color fading with your copper utensils.

What Makes Us Different

Well, quality, finishing, design, and our user-friendly policies make us different than others.


We use high grade oxygen free copper for the copper utensils.


Our designers work hard to give you a perfect design.

Easy order

We offer you to buy minimum 1 piece to check our product before any bulk order.

Handcrafted MasterPieces Made with Pure Copper is a business that manufactures copper utensils for the kitchen, bar, office, and home.

Copper has been used for various kitchen utensils for thousands of years, and today it remains the most popular metal among people.

Copper's natural antibacterial properties make it ideal for cooking tools exposed to raw food because it kills harmful bacteria without reacting with any other foods or chemicals.

Copper is an efficient conductor of heat and has a natural polish which makes it difficult to accumulate bacteria or germs. Copper is also the preferred material for food preparation in restaurants because it doesn't affect the flavor or color of food.

Our company offers a wide range of top-quality products at affordable prices: from copper water bottles, copper dispensers, copper gift sets...

Russet is one of the leading manufacturers of copper utensils in India. The company was founded in 2022 and very quickly grew to be a renowned name in the copper utensil manufacturing industry and we have earned an excellent reputation among our customers owing to its high-quality products. Russet manufactures and supplies a wide range of copper water bottles, dispenser, jar, and mug which are made up of pure copper sheet. We also offer custom-made copper products to suit our clients’ individual requirements. Russet is committed to providing top-quality service to its valuable customers by meeting their expectations.

Founder’s / CEO Message

We all know that water is the main essential part of the body. In general, our bodies contain 70% water. We also know that due to industrialization, getting pure water with healthy minerals is hard.

Currently, When I discovered the benefits of copper water and why ancient people used copper utensils and their benefits, I decided to delve deeper into copper research and eventually founded Russet with the goal of spreading copper benefits and awareness, and Russet's first manufacturing unit have been started in UP, INDIA in 2022.

Quality Assurance

In a very short time period, we have earned the trust and praise of our customers by offering quality products (pure copper without mixing iron), excellent customer service, and a quick response to inquiries. We hope we will continue to get love from our customers.

Mr. Chaudhary

Russet is a company with a mission to provide the best quality and service in the copper utensils industry. We have been committed to the copper products manufacturing business and We have earned the trust and praise of our customers by offering quality products, excellent customer service, and quick response to inquiries.


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe what we sell and that's why we are enough confident that surely, you will like our product quality of top-notch.

Still, if, for any quality reason, you don't like our product, you can raise a refund anytime within 3 days of delivery. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.