Bronze Copper Bottle With Glasses Gift Pack | Curvy Original Water Bottle Gift Set


1000 ml bronze copper bottle and 250 ml glasses Best for personal use and gifting 100% leak-proof and BPA-free Premium quality

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The Best Copper Bottle with Glasses Gift Pack with Matt Finish.

Welcome to the Curvy Original Water Bottle Gift Set! This beautiful gift set includes a PCB Pure Copper Water Bottle and two glasses. Our copper bottles with glasses gift pack are made with the highest quality materials and are 100% BPA-free. They are designed to be strong, durable, and easy to clean. In addition, the copper bottle also comes with a silicon ring that makes it 100% leak-proof.

This copper bottle is great for taking your favorite beverages on the go or for staying hydrated during the day. The copper material is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s the perfect way to stay healthy and hydrated. The sleek, curvy design of this bottle also makes it a great accessory to any outfit.

The two glasses that come with this set are the perfect accompaniment to the copper bottle. They are made of the same quality materials and are designed to be strong and durable. They also have a stylish, modern design that will look great on any table.

The Curvy Original Copper Water Bottle Gift Set is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to stay hydrated in style. Thanks to the leak-proof design and antimicrobial properties, this is the perfect way to stay healthy and hydrated on the go. And with the two glasses included, you can easily share your favorite beverages with friends and family.

So, do not wait. Buy the original copper bottle with glasses gift pack now!

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